Wazuh Open Security, S.L. Publicada: mayo 8, 2019
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Software Engineer (Linux + C)

Avenida de la Innovación, 1 Edif. BIC Oficina 303
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We are looking for talented individuals experienced in Linux system management, virtualization tools, bash & C programming. We seek highly-motivated individuals with the desire to grow professionally and who thrive in a team environment.
This is an excellent opportunity for creativity and innovation. We continually assess and tune our security solution to maximize performance, reduce security risk and fulfill regulatory compliance. You will design and create architectures to optimize the solution, and your contributions will have a direct impact on the future development of the solution. At the same time, you will provide an invaluable service to the user, preventing unauthorized access to private information and protecting against cyber threats. You will apply your previous experience, share best practices and create innovative solutions to foster user adoption and maximize the value of the solution.
You will drive complex deployments of Wazuh while working side by side with the user to solve unique problems across a variety of use cases. You will be responsible for communicating the needs of the user to the marketing and engineering departments, enabling each to respond to real world demands and capabilities. This will involve collaboration with the entire Wazuh organization to deliver the solution best suited to each user and to drive feature innovations in response to user input. You also will share information that will enable users to resolve the next wave of issues independently, and you will be involved in the mentoring members of the team.
Wazuh offers the unique and exciting opportunity to travel and experience the dynamic world of cyber security technology in Silicon Valley.


Main Responsibilities

  • Deploy, customize, support and maintain our software solution for both new and current international clients.

Other responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the entire Wazuh organization to deliver the best solution and drive feature innovation.
  • Get user input, identify user needs, requirements and business drivers for automation and orchestration solutions.
  • Give in-depth and high-level technical presentations for customers, partners and prospects.
  • Inform the user to enable future independent use and configuration.
  • Actively participate in the Wazuh community as an expert on the solution.
  • Mentor security engineers, security operations teams and incident responders.

Required skills

  • Fluent in English.
  • Knowledge about C programming.
  • A deep understanding of Linux environments.
  • Internet connectivity and protocols (TCP/IP).
  • Linux bash.
  • Understanding of security concepts.
  • Ability to work well with a team.
  • Highly-motivated, pro-active and responsible.

Desired Skills

  • Familiarity with version control systems such as Git.
  • Well versed in Python and Bash scripting language.
  • Experience with Docker, Vagrant, Amazon AWS and Elasticsearch.
  • Comfortable learning and eager to use new technology.

What we offer

  • Forward moving career path with professional growth opportunities.
  • Collaboration and development with some of the leading international IT companies.
  • Positive, supportive and collaborative work environment.
  • Competitive salary.
  • The opportunity for travel to Silicon Valley.
  • The chance to work in the city of Granada.


About us

Wazuh is an IT Security company that develops and integrates open source technologies, building a comprehensive open source platform, based on OSSEC, for endpoint and infrastructure security monitoring, offering professional services to support enterprise users. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley and are excited to grow our team of security engineers in the Granada office. Strong English verbal and written skills are mandatory as the majority of our accounts, including several Fortune 100 Companies, are international.

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