Nucleoo Publicada: noviembre 14, 2022
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Python Software Engineer

C/Gran Vía de Colón 21, 3ºA Edificio Olympia
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At Nucleoo we are pioneers in what we do, we love challenges and even more the people who seek to face them.

In today's business reality, data management is a key factor for any company. Cloud-based solutions, together with industry knowledge and mastery of data analytics are the solution for businesses of all sizes.

We are an international company specializing in innovation and data-driven solutions, with international projects in:

  • Data from Japanese, European and NASA space agency satellites.
  • Data for one of the largest online text publishers in the Netherlands, present at Toyota, Starbucks, Spotify and PwC.
  • Thousands of diagnostic tests data for hospitals
  • Data of millions of supermarket promotions for one of the largest multinational retailers working with brands such as Heineken, Mars and Unilever
  • Data for one of the world's largest nationally and internationally recognised online training platforms

Do you want to immerse yourself in technologies such as Angular, Python (Flask and Pandas) and MongoDB, to work with brands such as L'oreal, Unilever and Heineken?

As a developer, you will be involved in the analysis, planning, estimation, development, implementation and testing of solutions. You will be part of an agile team and report to the Lead/Client on progress made, communicating efficiently in English.

Today's innovation is tomorrow's future. We could tell you much more, but we invite you to discover how we do it through this link

For more information feel free to contact us:

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